Interpreting is a means of oral communication between parties who do not share a common language. In this type of service it is essential for the interpreter to have an excellent command of the foreign language as well as his own and a broad knowledge of the cultural context of the languages used. Ultimate Linguistics facilitates communication at all stages of the legal process. Whether you are planning to take depositions in a complex international litigation; to cross-examine a witness in a trial; or to prep a witness who doesn't speak English - we provide professional interpreting services.

Consecutive interpreting is the process by which an interpreter orally translates between or among parties who alternate in their speaking. For example, in a legal proceeding, an attorney asks a question in English which the interpreter interprets from English into Spanish, then the witness responds in Spanish and the interpreter renders this in English.

Simultaneous interpreting is most commonly used in conferences, diplomatic proceedings or sometimes in legal settings such as trials. For this reason simultaneous interpreting is sometimes called UN style interpreting or conference interpreting. It is characterized by the parallel act of interpreting and presentation going on at the same time, i.e. as one person speaks, in, say, Russian, a listener can use special headphones to hear this presentation in his or her native language.

True simultaneous interpreting requires ancillary equipment including transmitters and receivers to allow this process to take place non-intrusively.

Traditionally, concurrent or whisper concurrent interpreting is also possible without equipment in which an interpreter figuratively whispers in the ear of the listener. The latter is a specialized form of simultaneous interpreting that is still used in some venues when equipment is not available

Ultimate Linguistics provides expert translation services of letters, deeds, contracts or other documents for individuals, agencies or corporate clients.

Our linguistic skills provide a valuable service to corporate clients as well as community agencies, such as schools, hospitals, police and fire departments and the judicial system.

Our network of interpreters can interpret the spoken word or translate a wide array of documents for your business. The work will always be undertaken with professionalism and confidentially.


An LDA is an experienced professional who is Authorized to prepare legal documents for a client, but only at the direction of the client. In other words, an LDA is there to assist the "self-help" client handle their own legal matters without the cost of an attorney.

A Legal Document Assistant is NOT a Lawyer. By law, they cannot give you legal advice or represent you in the courts in any matter.

If you need to consult with an attorney, your LDA will be able to provide you with a referral (CALDA). We offer an affordable legal alternative in the following services:

Contested and Uncontested Divorces

Legal Separation

Child Custody and Support

Modification of Prior Orders

Restraining Orders


Name Changes


Answers to Complaints

Your family law matters do not have to be costly or complicated! Ultimate Linguistics will assist you in your time of need when perhaps you cannot afford or do not want to pay the high legal fees associated with an attorney. Our self-help legal services provide an affordable legal alternative that can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Going to Court for anything can be scary and frustrating. Call us for a free consultation and let us help you navigate the complex legal system. We can save you time and money. Let us do the work for you!


Let US provide you with our professional transcribing and translating services and improve Accuracy, Efficiency, Speed, and Savings.

We understand the importance of confidentiality and adherence to deadlines while maintaining a professional and cost effective transcription service. Whatever the size of your interview project, we have extensive project management experience and pride ourselves on our flexible approach to urgent deadlines.

ALL RECORDINGS are listened to a second time, Internet research where necessary, and all transcripts are proofread before being sent to clients. There is no extra charge for this service. Not all transcription companies do this, some don't even proofread, so make sure you ask the right questions before choosing a service.

Transcription Services Include:

Legal transcription services

Focus group transcription

Audio transcription

Audio tape transcription

Analogue cassette transcription

Digital audio transcription

Tape transcription

Witness statement transcription

We use a domestic workforce to transcribe your materials. The advantages of this over outsourcing are that domestic transcribers have a natural understanding of cultural references, slang, popular culture, regional accents, and current events. Domestic transcription also provides higher security and a clear chain of responsibility.

Work is returned via US mail, by personal delivery or overnight delivery along with a digital copy on a compact disc.

All turnaround times listed are in 'business' days. Weekends and holidays do not count towards the turnaround time.

Turnaround times are counted from after the day we receive them. Thus if a transcription type has a 2 day turnaround and we received your tapes on Monday, you should not expect your transcripts until late Wednesday afternoon or early Thursday morning.

We deliver transcripts as Microsoft Word documents. If you have specific formatting requests, we can work to help meet those, but it will usually add one business day to the turnaround time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Law Enforcement and Police Transcription

We transcribe and translate Reports of all kinds:

Witness/Suspect Interviews

Recorded Statements

Wire Taps/Body Bugs

Traffic Accident Reports

Fire Reports

Crime Scene Investigations

Jail phone calls

Officers and fire personnel who dictate reports have the time to be more thorough without going into overtime because reports can be dictated four to five times faster than they can be written or typed. We have you covered 24/7 - 365 days a year.

With today's shrinking budgets, you can increase your officers' effectiveness by having them dictate reports and outsourcing interviews and spend more time on the streets. Outsourcing transcription saves about 40% or more of the cost of typing in-house. We listen to your original audio again to insure accuracy.

Our Spanish translators are experienced and qualified to work in any state or federal court.

Stop departmental leaks. Avoid conflicts of interest. Outsource your Internal Affairs investigations. Protect your department from liability due to conflict of interest. Reduce supervision and management headaches.

We can help you manage a temporary backlog. We can transcribe for you on an open P.O. or bid your project on a contractual basis.

Interviews are transcribed in either:

clean verbatim - the content of the interviewee's responses are verbatim, but we omit the non-verbal utterance such as 'uh..' and 'uhm..', 'double- doubled' words and 'st-st-stutters'

True Verbatim - including any audible actions such as sighing or crying, providing a full evidential account of what has taken place within interview.

Unlike many companies that charge per page or per hour of labor leaving you to guess how much your bill will be after they've completed the work, we charge based on the length of the recorded audio you submit.

With flat rate pricing, you'll know exactly how much your bill will be when we start the job.